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[MT4/MT5] Set File Builder [EA Parameter Editor]

Make MetaTrader backtest easier!Edit many EA parameter files (Set files) on a spreadsheet screen (Excel-like screen)! Ea...
MetaTrader EAs / Tools

Earnings of EA Octonion Wave was $408.57 (¥62,920) 14 Apr 2024.

Current earnings Octonion Wave's earnings as of 14 Apr 2024 was $408.57 ! We have started running Metatrader EA Octionio...
MetaTrader EAs / Tools

[MT4/MT5] MetaTrader Backtest Kicker [Backtesting Software]

Make MetaTrader backtest easier!Backtest Kicker can kick MetaTrader backtest automatically without pressing 'Start Backt...
MetaTrader EAs / Tools

[MT4/MT5] Octonion Wave [Auto loss-cut Namping EA]

A new EA for sales !An EA that grows your profit slowly and slowly by automatically balancing profit and loss.Customizab...
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